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Commercial Grade Carpeting designed with Healthcare Interiors and Senior Living, Assisted Living and Skilled nursing flooring needs in mind. Long lasting and affordable. Expert installation available


Inviting Design. Incorporate Safety.
Communities for the senior living population are striving to provide safe environments that help reduce falls, provide wayfinding and incorporate environmental safety. In addition to safety, residents desire amenities to enhance health and well being. The workforce in these communities plays a critical role in resident care, so adequate staffing is essential.

Innovative. Flexible Design.
Forward-thinking, warm and innovative design is important for these communities to attract, retain and effectively service their residents and staff.
Design features include:

  • Hospitality and nature-inspired design incorporating natural light and the use of natural materials with a sense of local history and culture.
  • Social spaces that easily facilitate meal times and encourage engagement and interaction.
  • Wayfinding that uses color to direct residents and visitors.
  • Flexible spaces that serve a variety of purposes.


As a critical part of the senior living design process, We provide products that help transform the space, encourage interaction and socialization, provide safety and comfort and improve acoustics and overall experience for residents, staff and caregivers.


Senior living flooring faces tough demands. High foot traffic, rolling equipment, moisture exposure and heavy daily wear and tear. That’s why it should be engineered to resist stains and soiling and retain appearance over time. It’s also the reason a smart cleaning plan is critical. Use our resources develop appropriate cleaning and maintenance schedules and practices to help your floors stay beautiful for the long haul.