Custom-Made Furniture for Long-Term Care Facilities

At Medallion Services, LLC, we believe in providing our customers with only superior custom-made furniture for long-term care facilities.

The quality of a long-term care facility’s furniture says a lot about them. Most residents will not want to stay in a facility that seems uncomfortable or has poor-quality furnishings. Investing in high-quality furniture for assisted living facilities is the first step in providing residents with a comfortable space to live in.

What sets Medallion Services apart from other furniture designers is our hands-on approach. Our process begins with a consultation so that our team can learn more about the style and service you’re aiming for. Once the consultation is complete, our team will travel to your location(s) to take measurements so that we can successfully design and install custom-made furniture for long-term care facilities.

Contact us today by submitting our online contact form or call (866) 988-8080. For specific locations, please contact the appropriate representative for your area, which can be found here.

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