Custom Healthcare Furniture Designs

Custom healthcare furniture designs are something of an art form that puts durability and comfort first and then follows through with style—otherwise known as function before form. The healthcare field involves patients and clients who have extremely specific needs that must meet maintenance standards as well as the comfort and health of the resident.

That means the furniture must adhere to certain standards. One of the most asked about features is adjustability in seating options with our custom healthcare furniture designs. Many patients in the healthcare industry need limbs elevated or suspended in ways that alleviate pressure. Or they may simply need a seating arrangement that allows them to sit and get up with ease. At Medallion Services, our design specialists do their absolute best to assist you in the creation of your dream vision for your facility while considering these technical needs that truly make the most out of the furniture for your building. Not only that, but our designers’ consultations are entirely complimentary, so you can get the most accurate idea of your vision before a single addition or change is made to your current setup.

Other renovation companies farm out their jobs to subcontractors. They are simply glorified contractors focused more on making a profit than finding the best options for you. And even then, all of the work and products would be provided by outside sources; they would just be fulfilling an order. Take the cold business dealings out of your custom healthcare furniture design journey and go with Medallion Services. Your healthcare renovation project will be in the same trusted hands from the beginning through the end of the project—hands that are going to take your needs and preferences into account while still providing superior quality products with healthcare specific needs in mind. Set up a consultation with us today!